The Eidos Centre for Political Studies and Analysis is an analytical and resource organisation that has been working for 9 years now on making changes in our country possible. We have been using the name “Centre for Political Studies and Analysis” until 2016. You might know us as co-founders of “Chesno” and “Reanimation Package of Reforms” coalitions, as authors of laws “On the Open Use of Public Funds” ( portal) and “On the Political Corruption Prevention and Counteraction” (state funding of political parties), as founders of the “High School of Politics” and a dozen of other educational programmes etc.

The mission we set ahead is to create mutual responsibility between the authorities and the citizens of Ukraine.

In order to achieve it, we research state politics, best practices of effective state administration and supporting their implementation, we encourage the promotion of local democracy and we’re working on many other projects as well.

We are using methods of political analysis in our work. We are also elaborating recommendations on the changes to current legislation and regulations. Our activity is aimed at the analysis and reformation of public funds domain, fighting corruption, improving civic and political awareness, promoting local democracy.

We also see our role in establishing a dialogue and effective communication between different social parties: representatives of central and local authorities; community representatives and local authorities; deputies and voters; active citizens all around Ukraine.

Our work could be defined as “civil service” as long as we are trying to fulfil the function of public service, which is fulfilled by the state in Western countries.

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