Unlike most similar training projects, the “High School of Politics” focuses on the development of new values, changing attitudes and perceptions of the political environment and civil society, rethinking the relationships and links between society members and government representatives.

The School offers three three-day seminars that are conducted using a specifically designed methodology. The training is based on a combination of theoretical material with practical tasks; rethinking the classical political trends; comparing the classical political philosophy with the present times and with the real situation in Ukraine and in the world; interactive sessions and developing project models of programs for political parties and environmental concepts of Ukraine’s development, as well as designing a rule of law strategy in Ukraine etc.


In addition to civil activists and members of political parties, local officials were among the “High School of Politics” students in 2015. This tendency allows us to anticipate the implementation of the new leadership principles on the level of state officials as well. In the future, it will be of great significance for changes and transformations in the state apparatus functioning.

70 young community leaders underwent training in 2015. It was the sixth time the “High School of Politics” welcomed new students. Just like in previous years, the 2015 “School” was graded very highly by the participants.



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