The International Budget Partnership approached the Eidos Centre in 2015 offering to collaborate and become their partners in creating the Open Budget Survey – an international budget transparency ranking.

International Budget Partnership is the biggest international coalition of NGO’s dealing with budget issues, budget transparency and accountability. The coalition survey covers 102 countries.

The Eidos Centre experts conducted a complex estimate of budget processes in Ukraine using 140 criteria. The research results were incorporated into the Open Budget Survey report and were presented at a press-conference in Kyiv.


Ukraine was ranked 56 out of 102 counties in the budget transparency ranking. The country dropped 21 positions, compared to the 2013 ranking, and has now scored 46 points out of 100 according to the budget transparency index.

The updated ranking information was shared by more than 40 Ukrainian media outlets. Following the estimate, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine representatives promised to eliminate the problems and to implement the budget legislation norms more rigorously. According to Roman Kachur, Deputy Minister of Finance, the government’s goal is to be among the top 20 countries with the most transparent budgets. He also claimed that the recommendations of the Centre experts would be taken into account.

The Eidos Centre experts continuously monitor the implementation of the budget legislation for the new ranking that is to be published in 2017.


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