The project aims to promote the protection of rights and freedoms of IDPs by working out and improving the existing regulatory legal framework at central and local levels. The project will provide the necessary skills to the authorities, local self-governing bodies and local NGOs to establish cooperation for effective implementation of the rights of IDPs and improving the social climate in the places of their residence.

The lack of state Strategy of application of potential of IDPs, the lack of adequate legal framework for the implementation of their constitutional rights and freedoms, ignoring by local self-governing bodies the peculiar needs of IDPs in the provision of social, administrative and other services lead to social tension and adversely affect their adaptation to new environment.


  • To prepare the analytical summary of the analysis and synthesis of the regulatory framework at national and regional levels to determine the capacity of the authorities to ensure the rights and needs of IDPs.
  • To conduct focus groups, resulted in preparation of six regional studies on completeness and effectiveness of rights and needs provision of IDPs by local self-governing bodies.
  • To conduct six OpenSpace workshops in six regions which will elaborate the recommendations to central and local self-governing bodies on how better to ensure the rights and needs of IDPs.
  • To prepare thematic articles during the implementation of the project.
  • To hold roundtables in six regions with the participation of the authorities, IDPs, regional NGOs, media.
  • To prepare the recommendations to central government, the Parliament of Ukraine.
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