The project aims to create a broad coalition between the Center “Eidos” and public activists in the regions, which in turn will monitor and track the activities of the local authorities.

The project is intended to increase the transparency and accountability of the local authorities in seven regions of Ukraine. This will reduce corruption risks in their work and ensure the public’s right to control the authorities.


  • To create coalitions of public organizations on condition of an open competition.
  • To conduct training, during which the participants will receive necessary knowledge for the analysis of regulations and implementation of advocacy campaign.
  • To plan the activities and assign duties between the participants of the
  • To review the regulations of local councils in compliance with the new anti-corruption legislation.
  • To conduct advocacy campaign aimed at the implementation into the regulations of local self-governing bodies the rules of new anticorruption legislation.
  • To sign a Memorandum between the Coalition and political parties (or individual candidates for deputies), on the obligation to support anti-corruption provisions in the new regulations. Monitoring the compliance with the terms of the Memorandum by the representatives, who will be elected into the local councils in 5 regions.
  • To inform through central and local public media the course of the advocacy campaign.
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