The educational project has been being implemented since 2010. During three three-day workshops, being taught by a specially developed methodology, the participants become acquainted in practice with the real state of affairs both in Ukraine and in the world. Within the training they are engaged in development of creative projects, modeling the programs of political parties, environmental concepts of the development of Ukraine, strategy of rule of law and so on.

The peculiarity and the uniqueness of the project is associated with a profound change in value orientations of the participants, a change in attitude and perception of the political environment and civil society, rethinking the relationship and linkages between members of society and representatives of the authorities that took place during the school.


  • To educate in participants critical thinking of reality and events taking place around the political and social spheres.
  • To inform the public about the valuable principles of functioning of the state, political mechanism
  • To create public and social demand at qualitative formation of state policy.
  • To create a network of supporters that unite at the local level and begin to implement systemic changes in places.
  • To distribute the information and exchange the experience with regional public activists and experts.
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