Strategic planning has never been a strong point of the authorities in Ukraine. Most of their “strategies” were merely formalities. There is no law on strategic planning in Ukraine but creating strategies is regulated by more than ten bylaws. Nevertheless, even this accumulation of bylaws failed to create a proper system of hierarchy of strategic documents in the country.

The Eidos Centre team has decided to check the status of strategic planning at the level of the regional administrative centres and regions.


February through September 2015, about 60 official websites of local government authorities were monitored, more than 60 letters of inquiry were sent, over 500 budget and financial planning documents for 2012-2015 have been collected, systematised and analysed, namely development strategies and reports on their execution, plans of socio-economic development and reports on their execution, reports on budget execution and the explanatory notes from all regions and regional centres of Ukraine. In addition, creating and completing the “On Budget” sections on the websites of the city councils of administrative centres was successfully advocated. These website sections had no such information available as of January 2015.

It turned out that almost half of the regions and regional centres development strategies were nonexistent or of insufficient quality. A few issues were revealed in the regional programs of socio-economic development.

All the documents received from local government authorities within the framework of the project have been systematised and are now available for free download on the “Open Budget” website (

Following the monitoring results, a number of articles have been published, 10 infographic materials devoted to local budget have been prepared, and the textbook “Best practices of budget transparency and accountability of local government authorities” has been published.

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