“Open Budget” is a simple, comfortable and understandable tool for presenting budget data. On this single portal one can easily see main indicators of a local or regional budget in an infographic form, download all the necessary documents etc.

Budget information in Ukraine remains highly complex for everyday citizens. Immeasurable excel-files and databases, impossible to open without specific software, were the only available budget documents of local councils. Consequently, it causes manipulation within local budgets, which oftentimes remain unnoticed.

The Eidos Centre has set an objective to drastically change these practices.

“Open Budget” system is a set of nine interactive modules helping citizens to understand how a city council acquires, distributes and uses local budget funds.


The system includes detailed information about budget distribution in a form of interactive infographics; information about key indicators of budget execution with an option to compare them with other years and other cities in Ukraine; information about a budget plan of a city; city reconstruction map, as well as some crucial documents regarding local budget etc.

Representatives of local councils may simply register on the website and upload their budget data in order to use the system. The module automatically recognises the data and creates an interactive budget infographic without user involvement. In order to share the infographics on the website (of a local council, media, NGO etc.), one only needs to copy a special code to the website.


47 local councils registered in the “Open Budget” system in 2015. Eleven of them uploaded their budget documents into the system and shared system modules on their websites.

“Open Budget” modules can be currently found on the websites of Lviv, Vinnytsya, Kherson, Cherkasy, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk city councils, Lviv regional council and a few smaller cities.


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